Meet This Little Woman

I really am little. I am 4'11" tall short but my husband is 6'3"!!! We look kind of like Mutt & Jeff. I am a mom to three good-looking Asian boys and I am a missionary wife. I love my life and I love living in Asia! I grew up in the Philippines and now we are ministering in Thailand as missionaries.

I am not a pro photog. I just like taking photos. Well... that might be an understatement. I LOVE taking photos.I would like to share my photos to share with everyone part of the world I live in. Please enjoy and PLEASE feel free to critique and comment! 

If you'd like to read about how my photography hobby started, please click on "How This Journey Started" tab.

Also... if you would like to read what God is teaching me through His Word and if you would like to be encouraged, please click on  "Things God is Teaching Me" tab.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come by again.

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