Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Photo A Day - Days 1- 5

DAY 1: August 26 peach-colored rose from my garden

DAY 2:August 27
Muk, my hair dresser in Thailand for 6 years now. Her shop/house is just kitty-corner from our place. I thank God for our friendship. She's a really sweet lady. Her name means, "pearl." I've had many opportunities sharing about God with her. I pray that someday she will come to know the One True and Living God.

DAY 3: August 28
My toddler's feet. Notice his left foot is partly raised? I caught a shot in time before he went off and away from me.

DAY 4: August 29
I didn't plan to buy bananas. I bought something else. But I felt bad that I took pictures of the fruit vendor's bananas so I bought a bunch from her, especially that she was talking me into buying them. I'm such a softy. Hehehe!

DAY 5: August 30
Coke Zero can
Earlier I posted two photos for day 5 and had a few of my friends take their pick. It was a 50-50 vote. I decided to pick this one (basing on their comments) because it is untypical of my normal choice of photo or subject.

To my photography enthusiast friends, this is just an empty can on a tub full of dirty rain water. :)

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