Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Photo A Day - Days 26-32

Day 26 - September 20
Today we took our family portrait for our home church's missionary wall. The boys are so tired of getting their pictures taken. Their faces show about how they feel. LOL!

Day 27 - September 21
This is a chocolate cake that my hubby made from scratch. He's a really good baker. Here's his description:
A "sinfully" delicious chocolate cake. Super moist chocolate cake (best recipe I've ever found for a super moist cake). Puncture holes throughout the top of the cake, fill with sweetened condensed milk and pour on cake as well. Pour on some caramel or butterscotch. Top with home made whipped cream. Ooooh! Ooooh!! Not for the faint at heart.

Day 28 - September 22
Raw radish salad. I loved the colorful garnish. This was at a birthday party we attended today. I forgot to try it. I was too busy gabbing. :-)

Day 29 - September 23

Day 30 - September 24

Day 31 - September 25
Yellow hibiscus basking in the noon sun.

Day 32 - September 26
The beauty of age - line, wrinkles, and faded color.

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