Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Photo A Day - Days 37-48

Whoah! I haven't posted my photos of my "A Photo A Day" journey in awhile! Twelve days. Sorry for the photo dump today. Here they are! Enjoy!

Day 37 - October 1
This was at our neighbor's yard. Does anyone know the name of this flower? I really like this purple and would like to know it's name.
Day 38 - October 2
I tucked this child in bed for his mid-afternoon nap. He still chose to scoot to the edge of the bed and sleep like a frog. Oh, I love my littlest guy!
Day 39 - October 3
This is a papaya leaf (at another neighbor's yard). Yes, it's just one leaf. Two days after I took this photo, it was brown already.
Day 40 - October 4
These are the books on my night stand right now. I read my Bible almost everyday (wish I could say everyday) and I read a book in bed until I doze off.
Day 41 - October 5
A weed, a beautiful weed, and nothing but a weed. Our Creator is amazing like that!

Day 42 - October 6
My middle son showing me his collection on a recent beach trip.

Day 43 - October 7
I may submit this photo for the October Photo Hunt since we don't have jack-o-lanterns where I live. I'll think about it. I do love this photo, not to mention it was a yummy cupcake.
Day 44 - October 8
Day 45 - October 9

Day 46 - October 10
Today is 10/10/10!!! Nothing to do with the picture. I just felt the urge of typing that. Hahaha!
Day 47 - October 11
Day 47 - October 12
Just these past two weeks, I've seen red, yellow, black, brown dragonflies, and now this bluish one. I love living in the country!

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