Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunday Creative Post - Weeks of September 19th and 26th

I missed last week's theme. We were traveling. I had company. No internet for one whole week!!! I'm still posting my photo, though. Here's my take on the word: ABUNDANT

This country is abundant with beautiful flowers especially orchids of all sorts of colors and shape.

This week's theme is NOTHING. Ooohhh! So many possibilities. I had a really good one but I decided not to go with it because I may get in trouble with the people I'm working with. It may also offend the people of my host country.

This lady happened to just walk by our house as I was taking pictures for a different assignment. She has nothing: no shoes, no brand new clothes, no material possessions except probably just this tub to put donated food in. It made me think just how much I'm blessed with! Next time I see her, I'll give her some of my shoes. I have wayyyyyyyy too many!


Ashley Sisk said...

The photo of the lady walking is incredible.

Maegan Beishline said...

Beautiful interpretations! I also think that image of the woman is wonderful!

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