Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 Photo Hunt

Since May I have been participating in weekly challenges. In the month of October I took on a bigger task of doing a Photo Hunt month. There were 20 items that you had to look for and photograph. My! Was it a challenge, especially with fall colors and jack o' lantern because we don't have those where I live. So, friends, here we go! Twenty items!!

1. In Disguise
A little monkey disguised as a cute toddler, wearing a monkey t-shirt standing in front of a pub called "Monkey." ;-)
2. Crisp
The day is took this picture was a day of rejoicing. We were out of money two days before payday. My husband found this very crisp bill stashed in his wallet. Woohoo!

3. Fall Colors
No fall season where I live but I saw fall colors when I saw my son sitting and waiting for me at Starbucks - brown boy on a brown and orange chair wearing a shirt with fall colors on it.
4. Jack O' Lantern
Where I live we don't have pumpkins like the kind they carve in the U.S. And definitely no jack o' lanterns. A friend bought this muffin for my little boys.

5. Shot from the Ground
I love the sunset reflected on this old and rusted water tower behind our place.
6. Landscape
I'm so blessed to live in the country side where there are rice paddies everywhere. It's so beautiful out here! Here, the paddies are reflected on our friend's van windows.

7. Fall Tradition
Cool rainy nights + camping = perfect time for smores - a fall tradition!
8. Books
These mini books are ready to be distributed to our young disciples.
9. Dining
Last week we served pancakes in our Student Center/Church. 17 kids had pancakes for the first time EVER!

10. Child/Children
Oh the crazy things a child can come up with! This is my middle son washing his face by dipping it in our neighbor's cistern. Hahahaha! 11. Faces Formed in Nature
Holes on the road
12. Tilt-Shift Photography
An old broom made of bamboo and coconut. NO software used to create tilt-shift effect. :-)
13. B&W with Selective Coloring
There's an abundance of this plant in these parts.
14. Bokeh
A cut rose from my garden, placed in a glass. I did manual focus to achieve this effect.
15. Best Photo Taken - October 23rd
I love the beautiful sunsets we have here, pretty much year round.
16. Something from the Kitchen
It's a travel mug but I'm a stay at home mom so I use this mug for my coffee at home.
17. Something Vintage
Well... wadja know! I walked to the pub down the street to take a photo of the vintage-looking motorbike used as a decoration. It was gone. But I found this one instead. On Halloween night, the pub showed scary movies using this vintage 35-mm film projector. When my 9-yr old son saw this he asked, "What is that thing?" Hahahaha!  (Also, submitting this photo for Sunday Creative at Justine's Blog for this week's theme: OBSOLETE)

18. Something Creepy
Thais tie these colorful tulles on a tree and they burn incense and pray away the evil spirits lurking around the neighborhood. Sounds creepy to me!
19. Something Golden
I climbed on the other end of this fence at my mother-in-law's house to get this shot. You can just imagine the stares: #1) No one else carries a dslr camera in our area. #2) A 4'11" girl climbing on a fence to take a picture of what??? A fence? For what? Hahaha!
20. Self-Portrait
I dreaded this one. I waited until the very last day to do this and found out that self-portraiture is definitely not as glamorous as it sounds. Try to beat that 10-second timer from a few yards away on an uneven ground. I almost fell into the water for this shot. Now, that would have been hilarious!!!
Well... friends, hope you enjoyed my photos. Please head on over to The Photo Hunt Challenges website to see more of the other participants' photos.


Halie Santos - Dayo said...

Good thing hindi ka nahulog sa tubig. But it's still my favorite. True, beat a 10sec timer just to get a self photo-priceless!

thanks for checking out my entries!

Jessica said...

Pancakes for the first time ever! Wow! For a long time, pancakes were out Saturday morning tradition. I also totally understand the travel mug... before my sister was a Mom, she didn't understand WHY I would drink out of a travel mug in my own home. And I've been known to drink out of a sippy cup in public. I need to be as spill proof as possible, with the little ones around! :)

Nice interpretations!

Faith said...

jackolantern, landscape, and dining were awesome, but so were they all. =) Loved the self portrait...self timer is tough...i had a hard time getting mine to focus on the spot where I'd be! you did great though!

Hannah M said...

These are all so great - not sure I can choose a favorite! I adore your photo from the 23rd, though...gorgeous! Your landscape shot is super-creative - love it! Thanks for stopping by:)

Ashley Sisk said...

There were so many shots here that I loved but your landscape shot blew me away. You sunset was also really beautiful.

Adeena said...

Love your shot from the ground, landscape, best photo... well, they're all really cool! :)

Sereina said...

These are lovly. I love the bokeh shot.

Marci said...

Great shots!! I love them all, but my favorites were shot from ground and landscape (the reflection was awesome and very unique).

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Your pictures are great. I love the self portrait. It turned out really good!

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos for the hunt! My favorite is the shot from the ground.

asummersett said...

Darlene - I loved looking at your photos and the stories behind them. My favorite picture is the landscape - your friend had really clean windows! I laughed at the story behind the fence. I'm self-conscious with my dslr but I cannot imagine if no one else had one. Great photos!

bookloveraz said...

I love them all! It's really neat to see pictures from a different country!

I took the "My Town" picture from your post below and made it into a tiltshift picture. Turned out pretty cool, so I thought I'd shareit:

Alita said...

This may sound cliche, but there was not a picture that I could not count as a favorite. I can't wait to see more. I'm your new follower!


Siobhan said...

Thank-u for stoppin have done a fabulous job on all your favourites are child, self-portrait (I think we all dreaded that one, I know, I did) and your landscapes is breathtaking....well with that said again you did a fantastic job on all of them!!

Ang said...

your photos are great, it 's hard to pick a favorite - I'm glad you didn't fall in the water though!

SarahinSC said...

Love, love, love your landscape! Great self portrait too! Glad you didn't fall into the lake!

Reading Allowed said...

mmmm I love your fall tradition! And your child shot of your son in the water is just too cute!

10 seconds on a self-timer is not nearly long enough to get into position and look natural, is it? I think you did a great job and you didn't fall in the water!

Anonymous said...

Great shots, love how creative your landscape photo is!


Mrs Mar said...

I love your take on Jack O'lantern, it dose make a deffernce if you have them or not.

I also love your pancakes one, such a neat thing to be doing.

And your landscape is just beutifull.

and thank you for your lovely comment.

Anonymous said...

I love your vintage shot and the child photo! Great pictures!!

Nicole said...

I loved the Jack-O-Lantern muffin!!!! It's looks cute and yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Tjese are all great. I love your landscape shot.

Tara said...

These are all so great! I love your jack o'lantern, landscape and fall tradition shots so much!

Michelle Hansen said...

I love your shots! Thank you for sharing!

shannon said...

i really like your pumpkin cupcake and the landscape job.
great job with the challenge!

Aimee said...

Hi Darlene, nice to meet you here, kumusta?
Love all your pictures. Found money is always great! Your child picture is so funny...and your self portrait turned out great despite the 10 sec timer issue, hahaha! Glad you did not fall into the water.
Thanks for dropping by my site.

Kimberly said...

beautiful! Great landscape and October 23rd photos... and I LOVE your shot from the ground.

Clare B said...

You did a fantastic job with the challenge - I really enjoyed all your interpretations of the US/fall related things that obviously don't happen in Thailand.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for commenting on my photos, Darlene! As for wrinkles... I like to chalk it up to a lot of laughing... :)

justine said...

I love all these wonderful photographs especially the one for obsolete! my mother used to have one of these, brings back wonderful memories, thankyou. I do love your photography by the way, you have such a great eye.

Eboix said...

LOVE your landscape shot, gorgeous! I think you did a fantastic job!

soniaa said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I love your jack-o-lantern shot! So cute!

Sarah said...

I love so many of these! I think my favorite one is your landscape shot! What a cool idea!

Rosie said...

Great photos! Came here via Justine's Sunday Creative and found a bunch of beautiful pictures!

kaye said...

landscape is awesome! what a shot! vintage was also very creative. nice results on the scavenger hunt.

Amy said...

Thank you for commenting on my own photo hunt photos!

Your photos are all so pretty - some of them just look so prefect. I think my favorite is the child shot - it made me giggle!

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