Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - November 21-27

Hello, photo friends! This is my 12th week doing the Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Hardest week to date! A week ago, a Pastor friend suddenly died. He was my husband's mentor and spiritual father. His death was a shock to all but we are trusting the Lord's will. My hubby had to fly back to the States so I've been a single mom for a week. I have more appreciation for you, single moms out there!

Yesterday, I told myself that this was going to be the first Sunday I will not be linking up at Ashley's SHS. I decided against the thought. I made myself finish off two photos I was lacking just before posting this. I did have to pull one photo up from my archive from five years ago.

Here we go!

Black and White
This is my cosmetic pouch that I put in my purse.

I Ate This
One of the yummy foods at our Thanksgiving dinner.

This is from my archive five years ago, taken by my point-and-shoot camera at that time. This is the Royal Thai Navy boat that got washed ashore about a mile by the Tsunami wave in December 2004.

Off Center
Some random man at a park.

The End
The very end of the Holy Bible - last book, last chapter, last verse, and last word. "Amen."

Well, friends. Hope you enjoyed my photos. Please head on over at Ashley's blog for more interpretations by other photographers.

Next week's items:
1. In My Home
2. It's beginning to look a lot like...
3. Sweet Treat
4. Time
5. Everyday


Susan said...

Nice photos, I think the first one is my favorite. What a fun bag.

SarahinSC said...

Wow do those deviled eggs look good! Your other shots are great too!

kim said...

I love deviled eggs and haven't had them in years. They look delicious! My favorite is you "the end" photo. Perfect!

Alita said...

Your interpretations for this week are fresh. I liked them quite a bit!

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm so glad you made it - I really like your off-center shot. :) Have a great week!

My Captivating Images said...

Great job.

Phoenix Peacock said...

what a cute piano bag!

Summer said...

These are all really great shots.

AMY said...

Great photos!
I'm a new follower.

Amy's Life @

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