Thursday, December 2, 2010

365 Photos - November Check Up

It's time for the monthly check up for the 365 Photos - A Photo A Day journey headed up by Maegan at Madeline Bea Photography. This month's check-up is hosted by Jennifer at J. Creations Photography.

I have two favorites for November:

Day 81, November 14th
This is a cute little note I got from one of the girls (Jin) in our church. It's sweet in every way - color pink and the words in it. She calls me Aunt Darlene but I don't know why she wrote "Miss." I gave her a long tight hug. She is a sweetheart and is very serving. God is going to use her!

"I love you very, very much. Love you very much. I love you only. I will try my best learning to play the piano."

So sweet!!!

Day 87, November 20th

All-country pic: little boy with no shoes in coveralls walking on red dirt. I just really love this picture of my littlest guy. 


justine said...

I really love that second picture, it just says so much and it a wonderful memory.

SarahinSC said...

Love the bare feet and crooked overalls. What a great, real capture!

Micheline said...

They are beautiful photos on the surface but they're made even more beautiful by the stories.

JGregory said...

They are both gorgeous shots. There is a warmth that is present in them. Though I do like your little guy pretty well there. Keep up the great work!

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