Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 20-26

It's been a busy week for me but I had fun taking pictures. The weather has been amazingly weird in Thailand. You see, March is the beginning of summer here and we are supposed to be having 95-100+ degree weather with extremely high humidity and no rains. Killer! But we've been having lots of rains and overcast 75-85 degree weather with cool breezes. I am loving it! I have not been soaking in my sweat taking pictures.

Sorry for babbling on. Here are my photos for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk.

1. Decay
A rose in my garden on it's way to imminent decay.

2. Groups of Three
A group of 3 boys running in the rain. No texture was added to achieve the look. It really was raining. It was one of those "accidental" photos. I was shooting something else right before this shot. Saw the boys running back and forth in the rain and just wanted to capture the moment. The photo was then over exposed. I decided to convert it to B&W (something a photog friend told me a long time ago for overexposed shots) and added a little bit of sepia. I loved the result!!!SHS-groupsof3

3. Kitchen
ladles made out of bamboo and other woods

4. Things that make you go "hmmm"
Found this in my boys' room today. Hmmm... will this room ever be cleaned up? This is an everyday thing!

5. "Me" time
My garden bench is where I go for my "me" time - to read my Bible and pray, and have coffee in the mornings.

Click on the picture below to see other participant's photos.

Next week's items:
1. High Key
2. Bedroom
3. Something Tiny
4. Off in the Distance
5. Stripes


Cedar said...

Oh, beautiful shots! I love the one of the boys running in the rain!

Sara said...

Wow, all of your pictures are great. I especially like the decay and running in the rain.

julie said...

All great captures...especially love the boys running in the rain - awesome!! :)

Halie said...

i love your groups of 3 photo!

Michelle said...

Love the boys running in the rain! And its always good to see other messy kids rooms!!

Car said...

beautiful shots this week!

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful shots today - love your groups of three - did you add a texture to achieve that look? Very cool.

Nicole said...

All of your shots are beautiful. The kitchen shot is very crisp and I love your group of three with everyone darting through the rain. Beautiful captures.

kbreints said...

Wow! Love the rain shot... awesome natural texture!

Brooke said...

I love the three boys running in the rain. I love the b&w tip too :D I have many-a overexposed shots that need some help! What a great spot for "ME" time. I am not sure I would ever leave - ha!

Marla said...

Wonderful shots. My favorite one is of the boys. Great job.

Marla @

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love the first two. Wonderful job.

Melissa said...

Such great shots! You nailed all of the prompts this week.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

LOVE your kitchen shot!

Cecily R said...

All fabulous pictures...LOVE the rain shot!!

Chrystal said...

Wonderful pictures. It must be a boy thing, my sons room is the same. No matter how many times I clean it!

T Emmons said...

AWE!! I <3 the photo of the boys! We have a son who loves the rain! {even if it's freezing!!} Your photos are beautiful!! It's funny how we can relate on so many things from your post... just from being moms!!

Be blessed!


Jennifer said...

Great shots! I can totally relate - my kids trash my house every. single. day. :(

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