Friday, October 29, 2010

Might As Well Toss the Other One!

So... I was taking three-year old portraits of my little boy yesterday when I felt funny underneath my right shoe. The heel came off!!! Holy Moly! Hahaha! I have worn these shoes on a few times. They were a gift. I inspected the broken one and it was beyond repair. So I told my oldest son to just go ahead and toss it. "Here, Bud, you might as well toss the other one too!" Today our neighbors were burning their trash pile (AGAIN) and I saw my shoes in there. Goodbye, shoes! Now I have reason to buy another pair. Hahaha!
Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. This little boy surprised me. He was giddy about getting his pictures taken. That's a very rare occasion! I'm biased but I think he could be a GAP baby model. ;-) We lovingly call him "Bubba" because he's the baby (bubba) in the family. God blessed me to raise up this sweet little stinker.

1 comment:

Beth Simmons said...

These photos of your little "Bubba" melt my heart:) Yes, he definitely looks like a model!

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