Friday, October 29, 2010

A Photo A Day - Days 49-60

Another photo dump, friends. I need to do better with posting my "365 Days Photo Journey." I get so distracted that I forget. I'm actually on Day 64 already but I'm going to post only up to day 60 for now. Soooo... here are my photos:

Day 49
I had to climb on the other end of this fence to get this shot. You can just imagine the people staring at me. #1, They don't see someone else carry a dslr in our are. #2, a 4'11" girl climbing on a fence to take a picture of what??? A fence? For what? LOL!!! This picture will re-appear in my October photo hunt post.
Day 50
Another fence in the same neighborhood as the one above.
Day 51
Camping + cool rainy night = perfect time for smores.

Day 52
A chair that got flooded at our camping site.

Day 53
Our town was one of the 15 provinces that got hit by a very bad flood two weeks ago.
Day 54
self-portrait? :-)
Day 55
This is one of the flooded schools. Those are rowing their boats, fishing on the school's ball field! Water is chest deep.
Day 56
After a week of heavy rains everyday, people were very eager to do their laundry. Nobody owns a dryer in these parts.
Day 57
This was the day before he swallowed an orange pinwheel part. We found out when we saw a piece with teeth marks in his dirty diaper. Scared me to death!!! Thank God he was fine and didn't choke.

Day 58
Beautiful sky and sunset reflected on flood waters.
Day 59
Just playing with lighting and bokeh.
Day 60
Pancake Sunday feast in our church.

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