Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good to Wow - YELLOW

This is my first time to participate in Good to Wow weekly photo challenge. Jill Samter is hosting the SOOC photos and Ashley Sisk is hosting the edited photos. We will also be getting tutorials and editing guidance from these two talented ladies.

This week's theme is YELLOW. When I discovered Jill's blog, I realized I only had 24 hours to get a shot and link my post. But... lucky me, just a couple hours before, I took a photo of my youngest son in a yellow tank top and wearing his yellow baby beanie that he just started getting attached to very recently. LOL! Here's my SOOC shot. It's one of those take-it-now-coz-that's-all-you-will-get kind of shot. What can I do? He's three years old!

And below is my edited photo. I cropped it tighter, clone-stamped the junk in the background, and added more richness to the colors by:
Adding three layers - screen, soft light, and levels. Sorry, I forgot to record my opacity percentages. 

And then... put a "sun-kissed" (copying Ashley's edits) by:
1. Adding a very light pink solid color layer at 100% opacity.
2. Adding a sepia photo filter at 56% Density at 100% opacity.

I wanted the picture to feel like how it was when I took the pic - bright noon day - very light, happy, and relaxed.


Ashley Sisk said...

It was already a brilliant shot - I love what you've done with it.

Cedar said...

Very nice shot and edits!

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