Monday, March 21, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot and Sunday Creative - March 20-26

This is my first post linking my pictures to my flickr albums. I am slowly learning the art of interconnected stuff on the internet. Hahaha!

Here is my submission for the Scripture & Snapshot over at Katie Lloyd's blog. It is a withered papaya leaf.
Psalm 37:2

For more Scriptures & Snapshots, please visit Katie Lloyd's blog:

This week's theme for Maegan's Sunday Creative is "magnify." Took this shot yesterday during Sunday School time at our children's church here. Oh how I love listening and watching these Thai kids sing praises and magnify the name of the one true and living God of the ages, God of all nations, God of all tribes and tongues.

To see more interpretations of the creative prompt, "magnify," hop on over to Maegan's blog:



leavesnbloom said...

Oh isn't it wonderful to see those kids giving glory to the King of Kings.

I saw your scavenger hunts photos this morning but didn't get a chance with breakfast duties to get leaving a comment. That was some size of shell and that shoe shot was great.

Anonymous said...


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