Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 27-April 2

Crazy week for me but I made myself go out and take pictures just so I could take a break from other computer work this week. Here are my photos:

1. High Key
Thanks to this prompt, I learned something new!
SHS - Highkey

I'm adding the SOOC just so you can see the difference.

2. Bedroom
This is the boy who likes to drag his blanket to our bedroom and climb on our bed every night. When he falls asleep we carry him back to his bed but he finds his way back in the morning. Hahaha! And oh... question for everyone: has anyone ever seen a child play with his eyelashes when he's tired like this boy does? I've never seen anyone else do this!
SHS - Bedroom

3. Something Tiny
Fallen pollen on a big papaya leaf.
SHS - Something Tiny

4. Off in the Distance
My three boys running through our neighbor's cassava field.
SHS - Off in the Distance

5. Stripes
I could have done better with stripes but I was so brain dead I had to shoot what I could find at the moment yesterday. Hehehe!
SHS - Stripes

Click on the picture below to see more interpretations of other photographers over at Ashley Sisk's blog:

Next week's items:
1. Motion
2. Waiting to Click
3. In Fashion
4. Animal's Perspective
5. Many


Melissa said...

Could have done better with stripes? That pictures is my favorite, I just adore the ice cream treat in her hand too.

julie said...

ALL such awesome the stripes shot! :)

kewkew said...

I think your stripes picture is great. I still have no clue how to do the high key. I have never seen anyone play with eyelashes. So cute though

Cedar said...

All of your shots are terrific! My eyelash fiddlers here, but we have hair twirling and chewing on clothes. He has beautiful, long eyelashes; so precious!

Cecily R said...

Bedroom and distance are SO sweet. Love them all!

Car said...

Love all your interpretations this week! Especially the stripes :)

Nicole said...

Aah. Okay, I love every capture. You did a wonderful job changing that over to high key! Honestly, with all of the adjustments you definitely started off with a great capture. Your bedroom is sweet. The tiny is magnificent and your off in the distance looks like a great time! The stripes capture is happy and almost funny. I like it!

Brooke said...

Love the shots of all your guys! NO. I haven't ever seen a little one that plays with his eyelashes. Too funny!

kbreints said...

I love your shots... just the thought of pollen though makes me sneeze!

Ashley Sisk said...

I have so many favorites for this week's hunt - you've done an incredible job.

Alita said...

You nailed High Key! I learned something new with that prompt, too. However I don't think I quite "got" it the way you did.

Good job!

Mom Photographer said...

love your two first shots!

kewkew said...

Thanks for the advice. I had thought about an actual key or music.

Kimberly Gauthier said...

These are fantastic. Great job on the high key, I would have never guessed that you didn't know what you were doing.

That one was a new one for me too. Don't you just LOVE that there's always something new to learn about photography!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Your high key shot came out perfect!

Kimberley said...

Great high key shot. I struggled with that one.


Sibylle said...

Really love your "stripes"!!!!!!

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