Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good to Wow - Looking Up - Pt.1

I missed last week's "Shoot and Edit" (Good to Wow) just because we don't have sidewalk chalk where we live. Or chalk for that matter. LOL!

Anyhoo... I have a couple S&E/G2W shots.

I don't think this one would need to be edited. It was such a beautiful day - who would want to change this beautiful blue sky? I just loved looking up into the sky when I took this shot!
Good to Wow - Looking Up sooc1
manual * 1/500 * f8 * 28-80mm at 28mm * WB sunny * JPEG

And so... since there's no fun in not editing the above photo, here's another shot. The flowers are looking up into the bright noon sun. I will be using a Kim Klassen texture on this one for this week's Texture challenge - all about gardening.
Good to Wow - Looking Up sooc1
manual * 1/200 * f5.6 * 70-300mm at 300mm * WB sunny

So long, friends. See you Thursday (or before) for the edits. :)

1 comment:

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice SOOC shot - I look forward to your edit and the last shot is going to be even more perfect with texture.

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