Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - June 12-18 AND Scripture & Snapshot

[WARNING! This is going to be longer than usual because I have an announcement.]

Whew! Didn't think I was going to make it to today's posting but I wanted to because this is going to be my last posting from Thailand for a little while.

As promised last week, I was going to tell you a little bit more about us today. My family and I are church planter missionaries in Thailand and it's time for our furlough. Home will always be here. We will be in the States to report to our supporting churches and get reconnected with family and friends. It's a five-year cycle - 4 years on the field and one year (or less) at "home." I am going to terribly miss our Student Center kids here - all 50+ of them! I had to hug them goodbye today after church... there were tears, of course! Ugh! If you would like to read up more about us and our ministry, please visit our ministry blog.

I've been busy with packing and getting things together before we fly this week so all of my photos, except for one, are from archives. I started shooting on manual exactly a year ago, so in celebration of that, I wanted to use photos from a year ago on the same week also. Here's my collection this week.

1. Emotion
My little boy on the verge of crying because he was hot and sticky and the bugs were after him.
SHS - Emotions

2. From a Flowers Point of View
Our street and the bright morning sun "From a Flower's Point of View." It was sunny, bright, warm, and muggy but oh! so! beautiful blue sky! I was on my knees and camera was almost to the ground shooting up towards the sun, thus the lens flare.
Day 292

3. Natural Frame
Two little bees feasting with nectar framed inside this lotus.
SHS - Natural Frame

4. Letters
(archive) My oldest son reading a dictionary by the window.
SHS - Letters

5. Bliss
My sweet hubby, my three wonderful boys, living in Thailand - now that's bliss!
SHS - Bliss

Scripture and A Snapshot submission for this week. A shot of my hubby getting ready to release this Thai lantern up into the air. I think this verse is fitting as we are missionaries and spreading the light of God into this "dark" town we serve in.
Matthew 5:16

And... here's my VERY FIRST EVER manual shot a year ago, after several weeks of reading a photography book and understanding aperture and shutter speed. Hahaha! Have a great week, friends. Next week's post will be from the other side of the globe!!! Hopefully, I won't be too jet lagged to take pictures.
First Manual Shot


Mom of M&Ms said...

travel safe.. and waht beautiful photography!

deb duty said...

Your first manual shot is beautiful! Love the photo of your son reading too.

Christine said...

Love your Bliss shot!

leavesnbloom said...

Oh Darlene may the Lord give you and the family journeying mercies as you travel back to the US this week and may the ministry you planted in Thailand flourish.

Your bliss shot is my favourite - a faceless group portrait :)

Christine said...

Hi, Darlene, I love your Scripture and a Snapshot for today. It's a beautiful image of light in darkness--what a great description of His light in our own darkness!

Have a beautiful day today!

Miriam said...

I do so love visiting you here Darlene. Have a safe journey to your new place, take care. Your photo's are, as always, simply beautiful.

Elena said...

Love your natural frame and from a flower's point of view shots! Great pics!

Kristen said...

Indeed, let your light shine! Lovely!

Ashley Sisk said...

First of all, good luck with your trip back "home." I know there are mixed emotions and I pray for a safe trip. And this entire set including your scripture piece is beautiful.

scrapinbabygal said...

I just love all your photos!! Especially letters and emotion- such priceless emotions from your children. Have a wonderful week! Sabrina

Seizing My Day said...

Many blessings as you venture "home" for a little while... I am sure you will be missed at the kids center as much as you miss it... and I am sure your lives have touched many hearts and planted many seeds!! ;)

Lovely pics this week... espec. the Flowers point of view... I love that one!

Katie said...

The shots of your family are so, so sweet!!! And your verse and image choice for S&S is AMAZING!!

Valeria said...

Love letters and flower point of view. Great shots

Judy said...

Hi Darlene,

Gorgeous photos. And I love the photo of your husband releasing that lantern and the scripture that goes along with it.


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