Friday, September 9, 2011

I Am Back to the Blogging World!

I took a three-month break from blogging my photography for three reasons:
1) We flew back to the US for our missionary furlough and I was just way too jet lagged to keep up with blogging. (Half-way around the world trip could do funny stuff to one's equilibrium and ability to think straight. Hahaha!)
2) Our days were literally filled with so many things for missionary training. I had not much time to edit photos.
3) Been hanging out with friends and we've been traveling. Sometimes, internet access was not available.

With that said, I did finish my "A Photo A Day" project which ended on August 25th. My husband and I celebrated the day by going to Red Lobster for dinner. It was strange not taking any pictures for the project after that day so.... I'm doing another "A Photo A Day" project for another year! And.... I also started a self-portrait projects. Here are my shots:

Week 1
I think this is a great way to start - my family! Had to take this photo for our new missionary prayer card.SP11|12 Week 1

Week 2 
At a park on our recent trip to North Carolina.SP11|12 Week 2

Week 3
This week I got to borrow and play with my friend's D300 with her 50mm lens. Love the lens!
SP11|12 Week 3

Week 4
Yes, I love to take pictures of random things. :)
SP11|12 Week 4

Week 5
This was taken with my NEW camera, D7000, as a surprise advance birthday gift from my sweet husband!!! My hubby rocks! My D50 is more than five years old, well-used, and dying but still works.

I have a feeling this little boy is going to be in a lot of my self-portrait shots because he WANTS to be in it. I don't mind a bit. :) Love this cute kid!SP11|12 Week 5 (1)

More shots from Week 5
SP11|12 Week 5 (4)

SP11|12 Week 5 (3)

SP11|12 Week 5 (2)

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